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The Mystery of the Red Heifer
by Rabbi Chaim Richman

Biblical Prophecy is Being Fulfilled in Israel Today!

red heifer book cover red heifer back As Israel moves closer towards the building of the Third Temple, only one thing is missing ... the ashes of the Red Heifer, required by the Bible for purification.
What is the red heifer ... and what is its mystery? Why is it so important? Is there a red heifer today ... how close is Israel to finding one?
The renewal of the red heifer has captured the attention of millions, but reliable information has never before been available from an authentic Jewish standpoint. Now, The Mystery of the Red Heifer provides the answers to these questions and many others. For the first time, all of the background, stories, laws and wisdom relating to this unique Biblical commandment are presented in one authoritative volume. Also included: the exciting , unfolding drama of the red heifer for Israel's coming Third Temple.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, author and translator, is an internationally acclaimed authority on the Holy Temple and the prophecies concerning the future of Israel and the world. He has been associated with the Temple Institute of Jerusalem for many years, and is the founder of Light to the Nations, an organization which seeks to build a bridge of understanding between Jews and Christians. His previously published works include The Odyssey of the Third Temple and The Temple Haggaddah (translated from the Hebrew), and The Holy Temple of Jerusalem.

Excerpt from The Mystery of The Red Heifer