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December 28, 1999

1999 Light to the Nations, Rabbi Chaim Richman - All Rights Reserved

Last night an important and historic event took place in the city of Jerusalem on Mount Scopus, overlooking Mount Moriah, the sacred Temple Mount which is the holiest site in the world to the Jewish people. For the first time ever, thousands of people from all streams of Israeli society gathered together under the banner of "The Temple Mount - Our Nations's Heart." The purpose of the gathering was to voice objection and oppostion to the horrendous destruction that is being carried out on the Temple Mount by the Moslem Wakf, and to demand its immediate cessation.

While Israel is no stranger to protest rallies of this sort, and in the past, many worthy causes and principles have been the subject of such events, this is the very first time that a large public gathering was organized for the sake of the Temple Mount and its long anticipated, Divinely-appointed destiny, the establishment of the Third Holy Temple.

Many prominent leaders from the Temple and Temple Mount movements addressed the crowds, as well as great rabbis and educators, and members of Israel's Knesset. One of the most noteworthy aspect of the evening's events was its overwhelmingly positive atmosphere, marked by singing and dancing...the feeling of joy tempered by the need to make resolutions that will lead to concrete and positive action. Although the situation on the Temple Mount is deplorable, and the desecration of G-d's honor is unforgiveable, the speakers did not engage in laying the blame for the present crisis on anyone, and did not allow the participants to give in to feelings of betrayal, dispair, or anguish...feelings which are those that would naturally well up within any heart that still has a spirit of life beating within. Rather, speaker after speaker emphasized that we are now at a turning point in our history, and we must have the fortitude to seize the moment and take personal responsibility for our own future and that of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the entire Land of Israel. This is a time for repentance and introspection, they declared, and for an increase of spiritual knowledge and awareness, and action that will lead to a greater public awareness and sensitivity...all of which will lead us, with G-d's help, closer to the reconstruction of the Holy Temple. Many suggestions were made for taking steps that will lead to positive change.

A minimal police estimate put the crowd of participants at 3500 people, and at one point those arriving late were turned away on the grounds that there was no room for them to stand in the area that had been allotted for the event. Prayers and Biblical passages, including the vision of Ezekial's dry bones coming to life, were read opposite the location of the Holy of Holies.

Another important point which was emphasized, is the fact that these efforts against the crimes being committed against the Jewish people on the Temple Mount do not contradict other efforts, such as the fight to save the Golan Heights. For in reality the entire struggle to save the Land of Israel is one, and the heart of the entire matter is the Temple Mount. If the Land of Israel can be compared to a human body, then the Temple Mount is its heart...and obviously, the limbs of the body are certainly in danger if its heart is being torn apart...

It was also mentioned that in the ancient city of Gamla, symbolic of the rebellion waged in the Golan against the Roman occupiers, a coin was minted which bore the words "For the Freedom of Jerusalem." Those valiant Jewish fighters realized that their own struggle was one and the same as the struggle for Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people.

It has already been established by the country's renowed archeologists, that the Moslem "excavations" under the Temple Mount have wrought irreparable destruction and inestimable damage to the remains of the Holy Temple. In spot checks of the "garbage dumps" where these precious landfills have been unceremoniously dumped in utter sacrilege, the inspection of thousands of artifacts has revealed priceless remnants of the First and Second Temples.

The aim of the Islamic robbers is clear: to accomplish, once and for all, the "de-Judaization of Jerusalem," through the destruction of all evidence linking Jewish history to this city...the only city ordained by G-d to be the capital of the Jewish people, and His "footstool," forever.

We take heart, and we take great encouragement, from last night's events. And we know that the holier the goal, the greater is the opposition that we will face. But in the end we shall be victorious. We shall continue our struggle not with despair, but with might and joy.

Rabbi Chaim Richman