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December 26, 1999

1999 Light to the Nations, Rabbi Chaim Richman - All Rights Reserved

Mass Demonstration to be Held in Protest of Temple Mount Excavations

A public demonstration is planned for tomorrow, Monday Dec. 27th, to protest against the continuing archeological crimes being carried out by the Wakf, the Moslem trust, by their illegal excavations under the Temple Mount.

As has been reported of late in these bulletins, there has been an intensified campaign in the past few weeks by the Wakf to accelerate the pace of destruction of Jewish artifacts and remnants from the era of the Holy Temple. This is being done in advance of the infamous "final status negotiations" which will be held to determine the future of Jerusalem. It is the Wakf's goal to completely destroy any evidence of Jewish claims to the Temple Mount, in order to pave the way for their ultimate attempt to severe Jerusalem from the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

The government of the State of Israel has turned a blind eye to this destruction. Hundreds of truckloads of fill from underneath the Temple Mount have already been removed and dumped. Archeologists have already proven that this fill contains remnants from the Second Temple and even from Solomon's Temple and earlier periods. The activity has not been ceased and continues with impunity.

Thousands have pledged to attend this demonstration, officially sanctioned by the police, and scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM near the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus, opposite the Temple Mount.

Under the banner of "We shall not be silent in the face of the abandonment of our nation's heart to the Moslem Wakf," the call to attend the protest rally has been backed by some of Israel's most prominent rabbis, including the Rishon L'Tzion, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, and Rabbi Avraham Shapira, dean of the "Mercaz Harav" yeshiva, in the name of the "Union of Rabbis for the Sake of the Land of Israel."

Rabbi Chaim Richman