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July 20, 2001


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The bill calls for the cutoff of all funding to the Palestinian Authority because of their desecration of Temple Mount and sends a clear message to Yasir Arafat that it will no longer be tolerated. The bill specifically asks that all assistance [US dollars] provided to the Palestinian Authority, or its instrumentalities be halted unless the President certifies that no excavation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is under way.
Enclosed within the bill is a detailed description of illegal activities by the Palestinian Authority after their subversion of the WAQF (Islamic Religious Trust), the Islamic group responsible for the daily oversight of the Mount, by pressuring the Jordanian affiliated officials and clergy off Temple Mount.
Additionally, the bill details illegal construction and destruction of Temple Mount and points to areas such as the expansion of the underground Marawani Mosque, the conversion of an underground structure, dating back to the time of the Second Temple, into a mosque. Additional excavations proceeded in 1998 that included a dominant underground mosque hall and an emergency hall to a mosque located on Temple Mount. The exit measures eighteen thousand square feet and is up to 36 feet in depth. Thousands of pounds of valuable material from the site was dumped into the Kidron Valley. Much of this dumping consisted of artifacts from the time of the First Temple (1006 B.C.E. to 586 B.C.E.)
Furthermore, in February and March of 2001, the Palestinian Authority ordered the destruction of an ancient arched structure erected against the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount so as to enlarge the emergency gate of the new mosque at the area known as the Stables of Solomon.
The bill explains how Yasir Arafat politicized the illegal construction by ordering that the underground halls under Temple Mount be unified into a single fortified space that would be the largest mosque ever built on the Mount and to be used for the planned combat by the Palestinians for control of Temple Mount. Experts express much worry that the shoddy workmanship will undermine existing construction on Temple Mount.
The bill expresses its concern over Yasir Arafatís and the Palestinian Authorityís actions as an attempt to destroy all historical evidence of Jewish presence on Temple Mount thereby discrediting Israelís claim to sovereignty over the Mount. The bill expresses its concern over the religious intolerance expressed by Yasir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority and its attempt to not only eradicate valuable archaeological evidence of construction and events in Christian and Hebrew religious writings and its corollary of denying Americans the validation of needed information to comprehend and enhance their Judeo-Christian heritage.

Temple Mount Needs Your Support
There are two facets to this campaign of support: Enclosed is a petition that seeks one million signatures that will be turned over to the appropriate people. Use it individually or collectively (by turning over to groups) and return the signatures to me.
I am asking all to assist in publicizing this so we can have everyone who holds American citizenship contact their Congressmen and ask them to support this bill.
In Israel, I ask everyone to contact all, individuals and groups, on their mailing lists and ask them to support the bill, particularly if they hold American citizenship, by contacting their Congressman and asking the they support the bill. I cannot stress this too much as voters count, voters make a large impact.
Please notify everyone immediately and ask them to contact  me for additional information if needed. I have volunteers assisting in this effort, and they will distribute the petition and turn the names over to me for presentation to Congress.
There is much work that went into this bill and it is a major step in notifying Arafat that he can no longer depend on US support. Since the bill did not give out the amount of total U.S. given to the P.A., I inquired and found that it's approximately 500 million dollars.
The bill can be downloaded on the internet in a few hours by sending a post to Nothing else is required on the post.
Professor Murray Kahl
TO JOIN THE PETITION (printed below), please submit your name, email address and city and country of residence, to Murray Kahl < or Shoshanna Walker <>
Furthermore, if you are a US citizen you are being requested to contact your representatives and urge them to support this bill
(The bill can be downloaded on the internet by sending a post to
FOR US CITIZENS: To find out how to contact your representatives, go to:
Enter the 9 digit zip code of your present or last US voting address
If you only know the first 5 digits of the zip code, enter them, click on GO and a page will open up for you with a link to the Post Office.
Click on that link and it will give you a page with a form to fill out with your address
After you have entered your address, click "process", and a page will open with your complete zip code.
Enter the complete zip code in the place for it on the left, click GO, and you will get a page with all your representatives, you can click on each one and get a picture, a bio, and ALL CONTACT ADDRESSES, PHONE AND FAX NUMBERS, and more.
Petition to Halt all US Assistance to the PA and its Instrumentalities

We support H.R. [Number yet to be assigned but it can be referred to as: ďThe Temple Mount Preservation Act of 2001"] in the U.S. House of Representatives and ask that these attempts by the Palestinian Authority to desecrate Temple Mount in Israel be treated as an affront to the religious and historical basis of Christianity and Judaism. We applaud Congressman Eric J. Cantor (R-7th /VA) for initiating this bill, and we respectfully request that all Congressmen will support the bill and bring it to fruition.
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