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June 30, 2000

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Urgent Temple Mount Update:
Help to Stop the Destruction Now!
Several days ago we reported the seemingly positive news of the Israeli Attorney-General’s promise that he would do everything in his power to prevent the illegal construction on the Temple Mount. Sadly, not only has nothing been done to stop the Wakf ­ Israel’s Prime Minister has given his full approval for the destruction to continue. As of now the illegal construction/destruction is proceeding at full speed. The pace of work and the amount of trucks seen going in and out of the Mount has increased over the past several days. Aerial photos of the Mount that show the area under construction can be seen under the “recent news” link at  In the meantime, a public storm rages over the Temple Mount issue, and it has now begun to receive major media coverage here in Israel. On June 27th, Israel Television’s evening news program featured an excellent report, including video footage
Yesterday Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak held a meeting with police and security officials to discuss the Wakf’s illegal devastation of the Temple Mount. Despite the urging of the Attorney-General and a number of Israel’s leading archeologists, the Prime Minister has inexplicably decided to take no action against the Wakf, but to allow the construction to continue. He refused to accept the Attorney-General’s recommendation that he stop the construction work, and details of the meeting are being kept secret by the government.
According to a written statement released by the Prime Minister’s office, he has approved measures in line with the principles of “maintaining the status-quo and not damaging archeological artifacts, while recognizing the importance of the site for both Moslems and Jews.”
However, archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar, spokesperson for the nonpartisan Committee Against the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount, said “the Prime Minister’s attitude regarding maintaining the status-quo on the Temple Mount is unequivocally one-sided. No one is changing the status-quo except the Wafk. We expect the Prime Minister to stop the destruction work being carried out and enforce a true status-quo.” Dr. Mazar added that “the government’s decision is unacceptable.” She said her group would petition the High Court of Justice. 
Jerusalem’s Mayor Ehud Olmert is also opposed to Prime Minister Barak’s position on this issue, calling Barak’s decision “a most severe error.” Olmert says that the Prime Minister should order the Moslem Wakf to stop all work at the Temple Mount immediately. The Mayor also said that it would be easy for Barak to stop the Wakf, but that Barak was deluding the public into believing that ceasing the Wakf’s activities would lead to disaster. Olmert told Israel Radio that the work going on at the Mount is “part of an overall plan to turn the Temple Mount into one huge mosque and to erase the immense Jewish heritage at the site and convert it into a Moslem site.” Indeed, according to published reports, the General Security Service has warned the government of long-term Islamic movement plans to seize some of the Eastern parts of the Mount as additional prayer areas.
Yesterday, Arutz-7 News Service carried this report:

A Moslem riot erupted today at Lion's Gate in Jerusalem, the entry point for Arab trucks to and from the Temple Mount. Some 150 Arabs attacked three Jews protesting there against the ongoing illegal Waqf construction on the Mount. The Arabs hurled rocks at Moshe Feiglin (Zo Artzeinu), Prof. Hillel Weiss (Professors for a Strong Israel), and Yehuda Etzion (Chai VeKayam). The attackers also tore the Jews' posters, and smashed the windshield of their car. A large contingent of police officers quickly arrived on the scene, squelched the riot, and arrested several of the Arab rioters. Feiglin, Weiss and Etzion said afterwards that the Arab attack "strengthens our resolve to hold further vigils here at Lion's Gate."
Meanwhile, Israel’s leading tzaddikim (most lofty spiritual giants), have spoken about the intense spiritual battle that is being waged on a cosmic level, concerning the Temple Mount. These righteous men, who on account of their true piety and humility wish to remain anonymous, have issued a call for the community at large to be more aware of the grave significance of these events. At their behest, in a few hours posters will be appearing all over Jerusalem, which carry the following message in Hebrew and English:
Transferring the Temple Mount to the Palestinians Is THE DESTRUCTION OF THE THIRD TEMPLE
Ehud Barak alone has the power to stop the Moslem desecration of the Temple Mount. He chooses not to exercise this power. We continue to urge our readers to contact Prime Minister Barak to express outrage over the illegal destruction on the Temple Mount and Moslem attempts to severe the Mountain from Jewish history. Public opinion is important to him and we have reason to believe that your communications will make a difference.
Below you will find a sample letter which you may use to send to the Prime Minister. The text was written by Edward Ehrlich  Please circulate these letters, and others you may write, to as many people as possible, to be forwarded to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s email address is  or  The fax number in his office is 972-2-5664838.
We the undersigned protest the wanton destruction of irreplaceable archaeological artifacts that is currently being carried out by the Moslem Waqf on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.
With approval of Palestinian Authority chairman Yassar Arafat, the Waqf has been conducting a massive building project on and under the Temple Mount in total disregard to the damage this is causing to the
archaeological remains on this unique site. Every day history from the periods of the First and Second Temples, the Roman and Byzantine period and the various Moslem period is being destroyed in total violation of both Israeli and international law.
Any person who truly cares for the city of Jerusalem, no matter what their nationality or religion, must protest the destruction carried out by the Waqf that will deprive us and future generations from understanding the history of the city.
We urge that the Waqf be forced to stop their current destruction and that any future building be done under proper archaeological supervision to prevent any further loss.