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March 19, 2000

2000 Light to the Nations, Rabbi Chaim Richman - All Rights Reserved

An Open Letter to Israel’s Leaders

To:     The Prime Minister of Israel

The Judges of the Supreme Court

Members of Knesset

To the Nation’s Honored Leaders!

We hereby forewarn you that the authorization granted for the Papal visit to Jerusalem, and the welcome he is scheduled to receive on the Temple Mount by a delegation from the Palestinian Authority, is an action that will never be forgiven by the Jewish people for all time.

The Temple Mount—our nation’s soul, as well as our aspiration towards the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, has been wantonly abandoned.  This, in spite of the return of the mountain to our people by the grace of the G-d of Israel after long years of exile, following the eternal, historic announcement that reverberates within the heart and mind of every Jew—“the Temple Mount is in our hands.” With these words, the process of the return to Zion reached its apex…with the liberation of the Temple Mount in 1967. Yet despite all this, through the framework of the Supreme Court’s rulings; through government policy, both clandestine and open; through the Knesset’s silence…you have seen fit to encourage the continuous process of the Jewish people’s disintegration. This process is accomplished through your inspiration, at your encouragement, and with your approval, and it is a massive, horrible desecration of the name of G-d.

The practical expression of your decisions has been manifest through the course of the years since the liberation of the Mountain and the city of Jerusalem, through the continual weakening of the State of Israel’s rule over the Temple Mount, the agreement to deny Jewish people the right to pray on the Mount, the transfer of the Mount to the hands of the Palestinian Wakf, and the turning of a blind eye to the brutal excavations that have recently been carried out.   The entire essence of the Moslem Wakf’s control of the Temple Mount and all of its activities, are all calculated to demonstrate that there has never been any such thing as the Jewish people. This is the product of an insatiable drive to extinguish all trace of our memory from that place which is the center of sanctity for the Jewish people and the entire world.

This process reaches its apex in this humiliating and degrading visit. This visit is intended to validate, on the backs of the Jewish people, the agreement signed last month between the Pope and Arafat…that very agreement which establishes that Jerusalem shall be divided! The State of Palestine shall be established, and the State of Israel will comply with the decisions of the United Nations….and thus, cease to exist, Heaven forbid.

Your active silence, and your approval of these official policies of the enemy on the Temple Mount, transforms you, to our great distress, into partners in the final outcome of destruction which cannot be prevented.

The eternal Jewish people demands of you to overcome and be strengthened, and to cancel the agreement for this stage of the Papal visit. It is still possible to prevent this visit to the Temple Mount, and every other official State visit between the heads of our enemies throughout the Land of Israel. There is still time for you to make known  that this sort of meeting, and its implied objective, bears witness to the evil of these nations, who have not learned the lessons of the past two thousand years. The Pope’s apology for the crimes committed by the Church against the Jewish people is null and void in the face of the itinerary he plans for this visit!

We await the government of Israel’s announcement that Israel’s sovereignty over the Temple Mount is alive and well, and that it fully intends to implement this sovereignty as practice and policy until the building of Third Holy Temple, speedily and in our days.

The United Association of Movements on Behalf of the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple

Professor Hillel Weiss – Chairman
Rabbi Yisrael Ariel – The Temple Institute
Moshe Feiglin – Zo Artzeinu
Yehuda Etzion – Chai Vekayam
Rabbi Yosef Elbaum – The Movement for the Preparation of the Temple
Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer – The Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea
Yisrael Meidad – El Har Hashem
Rabbi Dovid Dudkevitch – El Har HaMor